Problems Solved

iPropertySoft fixes core issues that exists with all busineses

Data Centralization

Still doing walkthroughs and work orders with a coffee stained paper checklist? Are receipts constantly being misplaced? Can you easily cross reference records by employee, equipment, or facility?

Centralizing and digitizing your data allows you to quickly evaluate old projects and learn from them, so you can run your operation better.

Risk Management

Are your emergency plans up to date and easily accessible? With iPS, all your users can have the latest information instantly on their personal device. No longer do you need to create volumes of emergency procedure books, save time and push updates at any time. Empower your employees with procedures complete with instructions, pictures and contacts to handle emergency situations as they unfold. One touch communication to emergency contacts will allow the correct people to become engaged more quickly than ever before, minimizing the effects of an emergency situation and decreasing risk to your business.

Reduced Property Downtime

For every moment your facility is not functioning optimally, you are losing significant amounts of revenue today and the future.  This can begin to affect customer expectations, jeopardizing future work by being considered unreliable. Get ahead of problems by engaging in proactive conversations about scheduled maintenance, projects and repairs.  Through the utilization of both the web and mobile applications; confirm tasks and work orders are completed with real-time documentation including images and receipts. 

Enhanced Employee Management

Assign work on an individual or group level and see who takes up the most shared work. Employee work assignments can be scheduled in advance so when they arrive to work – they can get right to it. Quickly identify staffing / contractor deficiencies through in platform data analytics.

Reduce new employee training time by uploading step by step work instructions complete with images so management can minimize impact on onboarding support personnel.

Efficient Project Management

Management can assign projects to individual employees or groups based on priority. Further, they are able to upload work instructions so employees are fully informed to complete their work. With clearly defined daily schedules accessible within the mobile application, employers can expect improved workforce efficiency.