Add-on Components (Bolts)

Increase functionality with these key features

Bolts are add-on features that can be added to the iPS CORE

Smart Devices (Internet of Things “IoT”)

Gain new insights and decrease costs through the deployment of wired or wireless sensors / automation, eliminating the need for manual data collection on sensor deployed equipment. Early detection leading to fix before fail opportunities.   

How can smart devices impact your business?

  • Temperature - can ensure that your refrigerated consumables are staying at a consistent temperature for freshness and to comply with health inspection standards
  • Power Consumption – monitor power usage to identify energy savings and operational anomalies.

Asset Sensors - allow you to track the location of your equipment to simplify finding the tools you need and ensuring they are being used properly

When combined with historical data and manufacture specified operational parameters, intelligent sensing can ensure that your facility is running at optimal conditions.

Facial Recognition

Using facial recognition software linked to federal or local databases, managers can be alerted immediately if dangerous individuals are entering your property. Combine with tenant information to create custom datasets to assist with risk / liability situations.

In Development

The following features are being developed in the soon to be released 3.0 version of the product.

  • Tenant Credit Card Processing
  • Tenant Digital Lease Execution
  • Tenant Requested Work Orders
  • Community Portal