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iPS Core Features

Projects & Tasks

New projects can be created on a one time or re-occurring basis and assigned to individual employees as well as groups. Quickly evaluate progress with project completion graphs that is updated in real-time.

Work Orders

When your facility or equipment requires maintenance or repair, creating a work order is only a few clicks away. Generate simple or complex work orders tracks time, costing, images and more.


Track equipment function and longevity through documented service. Quickly identify end of life situations and proactively plan for financial requirements for replacement. Easy access to documentation .


Maintain adequate inventory of facility sustaining consumables. Easily add products via the web or mobile application. Eliminate confusion by assigning consumables to specific tasks or locations.

Emergency Policies

Create and store organization emergency procedures that are accessible by all team members. Limit liability by providing step by step documentation with direct communication to essential staff.

Property Aesthetics

Access property knowledgebase of all materials and cosmetics that are used throughout the facility. Mitigate lost documentation and wasted time when replacing or repairing the property.

Contact Directory

The directory allows for quick access to contact information for staff, vendors, and contractors.

iPS Core Features

 Assign projects, review progress and manage your properties anywhere, anytime using our intuitive web interface.


From the web interface dashboard, managers are able to quickly assess:

  • Employee Performance
  • Upcoming tasks
  • Out of stock or limited stock consumables
  • Scheduled equipment maintenance
    • End of life
  • Open Projects
  • Current work orders

 Mobile Interface

The mobile app is the workhorse for real-time data collection.  With iOS and Android support, the app can provide both management and employee views of project and work order data. Create actionable items on-site as issues are identified.  Similar to the web application, user has access to all emergency, equipment, consumable, and directory data.